Audit Into Social Cash Transfer Submitted To Cabinet


The Government has announced a forensic and administrative audit into alleged abuse of Social Cash Transfer funds has been finalised and submitted to Cabinet Office.

Deputy Secretary to Cabinet in Charge of Finance and Economic Affairs Christopher Mvunga told journalists at State House today that the forensic audit was submitted to Cabinet Office and Secretary to the Treasury on January 29, 2019.

Mvunga said Cabinet office is now studying the report to understand the implications of the forensic audit on the ministry of Community Development and Zampost.

The Deputy Secretary to Cabinet said government will arrange for a meeting in Mid-February this year and present the forensic report to the cooperating partners who are key stakeholders in the implementation of Zambia’s Social Cash Transfer Scheme.

Mvunga said government will discuss the report with the donors and also engage the cooperating partners to explore ways of continuing financing of the Social Cash Transfer scheme.

He said the general public will be informed of recommendations and actions that will be taken regarding the administrative and forensic audits of the alleged abuse of Social Cash Transfer funds.

Last year President Lungu directed forensic and administrative inquiries when reports surfaced of alleged corruption, abuse and maladministration of social cash transfer funds at the ministry of Community Development and Social Services and the government appointed agent Zampost.

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