Minister Kampyongo Disappointed With Police Corruption


Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo has expressed concern over the deterioration levels of discipline in some Zambia Police Service Officers especially the Traffic section.

Mr. Kampyongo, says while traffic Check Points, patrols and road blocks are essential tools in law enforcement, it is evident that some officers are abusing the noble purpose.

Speaking on ZNBC programme in Lusaka this morning, the Minister directed the Police Command to plan and execute regular rotation and transfer of officers from general duties to Traffic Section and vice versa with immediate effect.

Mr Kampyongo said the rotation of officers will reduce corruption and avoid overstaying in a particular section or division by Officers.

He stated that the integrity of the Ministry and the Police Service must be protected at all times.

Mr Kampyongo, added that the Police Command should ensure that supervising officers who fail to discipline erring officers under their charge are charged themselves.

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