President Lungu Visits Chainama Hills Mental Hospital

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President Lungu has called for greater respect for those living with mental illness in Zambia. In one of this first trips of 2019 he visited Chainama Hills Hospital and stated that the PF is resolute in their mission to end discrimination against mental patients in Zambia.


31% of the patients admitted to the facility are there as a result of alcohol and substance abuse. Although it is commendable that President Lungu is shining a light on mental illness, this statistic suggests that the government could be doing more to combat the misuse of alcohol and drugs. Many have argued there is a strong link between unemployment, poverty and Zambia’s unstable economy and the increasing use of alcohol and drugs.


“Most of the patients we have here suffer from different disorders that are as a result of depression disorders, drugs and alcohol abuse, “said Dr Chibowa.


The President interacted with patients among them 81 year old Edson Ngoma who has been at the institute since 1968 and later donated assorted food stuffs.

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