Church Leaders Retaliate Against Lungu ‘We Will Not Beg’


The drama surrounding the anticipated commencement of the national political dialogue continued to unfold on Friday as the three Church Mother Bodies (CMBs) leaders served Zambians the latest episode by launching the process without some key stakeholders that included the Republican President and ZCID members.


On Thursday ZCID Board Chairperson Nathan Mulonga told a media briefing that their members would not be party to any dialogue launch due to among other reasons the disregard that the CMB leaders had exhibited towards the ZCID.


But on Friday responding to a caller during a live phone in radio program on One Love radio, Father Chikoya who is the Secretary General of CCZ said the Church will not not beg for anyone in their quest to achieve dialogue. The host had asked whether President Lungu would be in attendance during the launch.


“There is a lot we can do as a church without necessarily kneeling before anyone or begging for anyone. We can do theological reflections, bible study and many others. We are looking for a conversion of hearts and that is our agenda,” said the Clergy.


While the launch of the dialogue was in full swing a senior PF Central Committee Member Stephen Kampyongo was on radio Phoenix responding to accusations that his President was running away from the dialogue in the name of attending to matters affecting the region.

Kampyongo who is the Home Affairs Minister said as people responsible for the movement of the Republican President they will not take him to meetings without a defined agenda and a formal invitation within established procedures.


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