PF Try To Delay National Dialogue By Calling for Postponement


The PF has called for the National Dialogue Process, which is scheduled for tomorrow (February 18th). They claim that the Church Mother Bodies must first resolve ‘certain unknown pending issues. This vague statement has been lambasted by The Patriots for Economic Progress who argue it’s just a means for the PF to delay.


Party President Sean Tembo has said the ZCID is severely compromised because Board Members are eating out of the palm of the PF’s hand.


“Given that the majority of these ZCID Board Members are jobless and on the verge of destitution, these regular PF bribes that are disbursed on a monthly basis through the Ministry of Justice, and disguised as Board sitting allowances, are the main sources of income for them”, He added.


Mr. Tembo said on this basis, it cannot be reasonably expected that ZCID can act in an impartial and independent manner to fairly and equitably represent the interests of all political parties in Zambia.


He continued to argue that President Lungu is categorically against the National Dialogue. Like many other critics, he maintains that the PF thrive on the abuse of the Public Order Act, Media Stifling and continuous intimidation of judiciary. The National Dialogue will undoubtedly look into this more than is comfortable for the PF.

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