Did Mwanakatwe Bad Mouth Late President Sata?


 A letter has been circulating on social media authored by Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe that blames the late President Michael Sata for the economic disaster Zambia is facing.

However, Ms Mwanakatwe has been quick to deny that this letter is the genuine artefact. In a statement released by her office she has stated that she holds the former President in high esteem for the work they have done in laying foundations for Zambia’s future.

She continued to state that she would never engage in slander, ridicule or badmouthing a former President, especially the father of the PF, Michael Sata.  

She has asked the Attorney General’s office and ZICTA to find those responsible for releasing this letter and asked that they face strict sanctions.  

Critics of the Finance Minister believe she is merely covering her back following the leak of this letter, pointing the finger at her political enemies.

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