SADC Heads of State and Government should help Katumbi get into DRC-Sinkamba

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says it is quite distressing that SADC Heads of State and Government move at lightning speed to cheer outcome of elections when their colleagues are re-elected but turn a blind eye to election processes when it matters most.

Commenting on the plight of Moses Katumbi who has been denied entry into DRC by President Kabila, Mr. Sinkamba said SADC leaders should not be a bunch of cheerleaders but rather, they must provide pollical leadership in the region when it matters most.

“The case in point is the on-going election process in DRC where President Kabila has thrown constitutionality to the wind. He is unconstitutionally illegally holding office and SADC leaders are merely watching. He has barred entry into the country Moses Katumbi, one of the leading contenders in the upcoming election, and SADC leaders are watching. A serious breakdown of human rights, constitutional law and order, is happening, and SADC leaders are aloof. This is quite distressing,” he said.

“If it were re-election of their own, they would have been the loudest congratulating him. Yet, the SADC Protocol on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation imposes a duty on them to promote democratic institutions and practices within the Region and encourage observance of human rights in accordance with the AU and UN Charters,” Mr. Sinkamba added.

“The SADC Protocol also imposes a duty on these leaders to protect the people and safeguard the development of the Region against instability arising from breakdown of law and order, intra-State conflict, inter-State conflict and aggression. Where need be, the Protocol empowers them to consider enforcement action if peaceful means fail, but regrettably, it appears they are collectively a bunch of failures,” he said.

He has implored the SADC Heads to demonstrate leadership by intervening on Katumbi’s plight so as to enable him to file his nomination papers before the deadline lapses on Wednesday. He said such a move could prevent more blood to be shed in DRC.

“Already there is so much bloodshed in Congo. To allow the situation to deteriorate further than this is serious irresponsibility and failure on the part of SADC leadership,” he said.

Source: Lusaka Times

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