I have no intentions of challenging President Lungu

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa says he has 100 percent unflinching loyalty to President Edgar Lungu.

Reacting to reports that he is being lined up to mount a challenge to President Lungu for the PF presidency ahead of the 2016 elections, Mr Sampa said he has no intentions of challenging President Lungu.

“Having come out of the Mayoral election, I realise that some of those that lost both during the nomination process and some from the opposition that lost the inter party elections have now resorted to malicious propaganda meant to plant disunity for the Mayor vis-a-vis Ministers, PF top leadership and His Excellency the Republican President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
For the umpteenth time but not the last, I Miles Bwalya Sampa wish to categorically state and affirm my unflinching loyalty and undivided support for our Party and The Republican President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu now and beyond 2021,” Mr Sampa said.

“Any person or group stating or hinting the opposite, are simply expressing from their figment of wild imagination,” he said.

“I do not have interest in contesting for Presidency, Iam very content and grateful for what my party PF and the President have given me as Lusaka Mayor.”

He said through this position, he wants to contribute towards the development of the greater city of Lusaka.

To those that have dared to read the PF constitution, they will realise that I don’t even qualify to stand as a presidential candidate at the next PF convention. So Mwaloba Ilyauma in your cheap scheme simply because you have no support Pa Ground in the upcoming intraparty elections and wish to abuse my name hoping to redeem your dried up fortunes.”

“I have a job to do as Mayor and that’s to support the Vision of the President and that I shall successfully do without fear or favour, with or without propaganda from apostles of hatred.”

Source: Lusaka Times

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