UPND Calls on Govt to Pay Council Employees and Contractors

In response to reports that payments remain outstanding the UPND Representative Percy Chanda has called on the PF leadership to ensure government pays-up.  Chanda points to recent reports of lavish spending on motor vehicles by government and attempts to buy opposition councillors and members as examples of how they are wasting time and resources in the wrong areas.


The full statement reads as follows:


PF please pay Council Employees and Zambian suppliers of goods and services to government

In their usual ‘Chipantepante’ and greedy way of running the country, the PF leadership is lavishly spending on very expensive state of the art motor vehicles at great cost to the treasury, and yet council employees around the country have gone for months without salaries.

We are also aware that, other than Chinese owned businesses, most Zambian owned companies have not been paid for the supply of goods and services to government thereby straining our own local entities as they collapse under the weight of debt and in the process fail to pay wages to their employees and further fail to meet other obligations such as loan repayments to banks.

And yet this is the cruel PF leadership that would rather spend precious time sitting in cabinet writing business proposals for private conglomerates such as mobile service providers where they resolve to heavily tax citizens and yet councils employees are going without salaries for months on end.

The situation is even worse for former government employees who are being punished by the PF leadership that is not paying them retirement benefits resulting in these people dying of depression despite their distinguished service to the country.

For the PF leadership, what matters most is to find money for buying individual UPND councillors and members to create an impression of popularity, yet their own institutions, especially councils are struggling due to lack of funding.

It is also painful to note that most of the critical wings of government meant to serve the population such as hospitals, clinics and the institutions of learning are not being funded as the government has gone bankrupt, yet the PF leadership would rather tax it’s citizens and bailout foreign multimillion companies like mobile service providers at the expense of poor Zambians that are barely making it.

Please PF, instead of spending time doing business proposals for private conglomerates, though we know your motives is to loot their money, attend to your own institutional entities such as councils, hospitals and clinics, and also pay government suppliers of goods and services as their operations affect the majority of our citizens.

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