It’s time to make lavish govt leaders cry, says Kalaba

My presidency bid for 2021 is not a small topic, says Harry Kalaba.

On Saturday, Kalaba was mobbed by hundreds of Copperbelt University students chanting “HK for 2021 ‘presido’” when he went to visit a nephew at the institution.

And Kalaba, the Bahati PF member of parliament, told a sizable group of Chamboli residents in Kitwe that now was the time to make lavish government leaders cry, unlike the status quo where “year in, year out it’s the public that is crying of destitution.”

Kalaba arrived at the Copperbelt University (CBU) shortly after 16:00 hours and the moment he was spotted and recognised by some students, wild celebrations ensued.

A huge group of students, while clamouring for selfies with the former foreign affairs minister, started singing rehearsed-like political solidarity songs.

Others gleefully chanted “HK for 2021 presido (president) while other students shouted from various vantage points within campus that “chitenipo chimo, kuli insala kuno honourable (do something, there is hunger in here, Honourable.)

Kalaba then told the students that they were the future of Zambia.

“Since the future belongs to you, you guys in these higher learning institutions have to be very responsible – work hard, read the environment in your country, and when that time comes, do the right thing. It is you, the youths, who are suffering!” Kalaba stressed, with his voice watered down by students’ ululations and chants.

By the time police officers were reportedly arriving at the CBU to ‘quell’ the political fanfare, Kalaba had left.

Earlier in the day, Kalaba told his supporters in Kawama area within Kitwe that they still had a chance to change Zambia’s state of governance, by making wise electoral choices.
“Fear nothing! God is gracious and powerful and so, He will take us where we need to be as the people of Kawama. Youths and women here are evidently vulnerable due to severe unemployment, and despondency is the order of the day in Kawama and in Kitwe as a whole.  But the consolation is that you have a chance to change the state of affairs in terms of the governance of this country. All you need to do is to unite and be resolved for change,” he said, in Icibemba.

In Chamboli, Wusakile Constituency, Kalaba commiserated with scores of residents because: “Those who are supposed to be speaking for you have opted to work with the politically powerful.”

“As a result of that, you have remained as orphans, you people of Chamboli. The PF in 2011 was campaigning around the theme of more money in your pockets, more jobs, and lower taxes. But how many women here have capital to start any business? No one! How many youths have decent jobs today? No one! What kind of politics are these whereby year in year out it’s the public that is crying of destitution? But this time around, let’s make them (government leaders) cry as well,” charged Kalaba. “Why should an ordinary person continue to cry every time? Water supply here in Chamboli is so erratic and not to mention electricity connectivity! Unemployment is a prominent feature here and it’s wrecking devastation in your homes. Next time I will be in Chamboli, I will address a public rally! My presidency bid for 2021 isn’t a small topic and therefore, the publicity by you on this matter should be sustained.”

Source: The Mast

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