Lubinda Wants British Law Struck Off Zambian Statutes

Justice Minister Given Lubinda says Zambia should consider doing away with its reliance on British Law for its justice system.

Lubinda said that over 50 years after Independence Zambia was still wedded to the British Law system

“If there are any statues that deserves to be removed from the book of statues is CAP 10 The British Act extension act and CAP 11 The English Law, extent of application Act, more than half a century since attaining political independence, for me a non-Lawyer with a mandate bestowed with a responsibility of sitting at the helm of the Ministry, all I can say is it is almost a scandal that we can allow ourselves bas Country to be governed using laws passed by the British parliament in the 17th Century,” he said.

“It is a big scandal, this is something all of us in the Ministry of Justice and especially yourself at the Zambia Law Development Commission must take up as a matter of priority emphasized,” Lubinda said.

Justice Roydah Kaoma Justice Roydah Kaoma has since been retained as Zambia law Development Commission Board Chairperson with Andrew Mwanakalanga her deputy.

Justice Ministry Permanent Secretary Andrew Nkunika, is also a board member, others are Lazarous Chota, Mr. Patrick Samwimbila, Mr. Chola Mbwa and Shilambwe Mwaanga.

Source: Zambia Reports

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