Mutina Muzoka Acquitted


Lusaka’s Magistrate Court has acquitted the wife of former Post Newspaper’s Proprietor Fred M’membe. She was charged with obstructing a Police officer who had gone to her residence to conduct a search on February 15th 2017.

Magistrate Faides Hamaundu freed Mutinta on the grounds that there was no proof she had torn up the search warrant or obstructed the police officers from conducting their business.

She further stated that even if the warrant was torn, there was no way it was going to prevent police officers from executing the search warrant, adding that even in its torn state, it was still readable.

Speaking after her acquittal, Ms Mutinta said she was very relieved that the case was finally over and said justice had run its course.

And Mr. M’membe on the other hand slammed the Zambia Police Service for what he has termed as a shameful act to frame a case of obstruction against an innocent lady.

He further accused the Patriotic Front government of using the Police for their own political ends.

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