Zambia Must Capitalise On Hybrid Car Market


In the era of hybrid cars Zambia must take advantage of being a top copper producer

Dr Albert Muchanga, the Commissioner for Trade and Industry at the African Union has stated that Zambia must strategically place itself for economic gains once electric cars are eventually introduced onto the African continent. 

Dr Muchanga made this comments in response to Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Mr Anthony Mukwita who sought to find out what Zambia could gain as a land linked country, as continents economy continues to expand with technological advancements. 

“As a copper producing country on the continent Zambia could gain a lot by upping its game as electric cars eventually reach Africa. Zambia could be a hub and its economy could grow and jobs would be created” Dr Muchanga said. 

These remarks were made at the high-level German-African Business day dubbed ‘German Africa Business Day, Engaging in Smart Africa’ 

Commissioner Muchanga is one of the few two experts of Zambia to the African Union, having worked previously as a diplomat in the United Kingdom and other countries. 

As reports show that companies and governments are increasingly moving to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, electric car ranges will increase, but evidence suggests that there will need to be an expansion of battery life. 

Reports state that leading vehicle manufacturing nations in Europe are foregoing diesel and petrol engines for electric ones. A technological change like this could be the single biggest leap since the introduction of the internal combustion engine by Nikolaus Otto since 1876 according to the report. 

Zambia will need a strong and strategic government to ensure that a technological change like this can benefit the Zambian economy and it’s people. 

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