Voter Apathy Marks Lusaka Mayorals

While the PF celebrate the victory of their candidate Miles Sampa in the just concluded Lusaka Mayoral contest, concerns have been raised regarding the exceptionally low turnout.

Less than 20% of Lusaka’s more than 1 million registered voters are thought to have cast their ballot on Thursday, with PF candidate Sampa totalling just 81,936 votes compared to Wilson Kalumba’s 270,161 just two years earlier.

Parties have been quick to attribute blame for low turnout, with some citing apathy with the current government and others pointing to low levels of confidence in the Electoral Commission.

The low turnout was no doubt a disappointment to President Lungu who has publicly remarked on the huge sums spent by the PF to win the vote, stating “Indalama twaposa muma campaign shingi so tupeleni mayor so that ifintu fichinje (the money we have spent on campaigns is too much so give us a mayor so that things can change).”

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