Suspicion Rises Over Blast in Zimbabwe


A ZANU-PF rally was stuck by an explosion on Saturday, injuring over 40 people but narrowly missing the President. Many have called it an act of terrorism and President Mnanagagwa has said it was an attempt on his life and offered a reward for any information. However, following the incident observers have started to notice a number of anomalies surrounding the blast that have led some to ask whether it was orchestrated on purpose by the incumbent to give them an excuse to crack down ahead of July’s election.

Commentators pointed out that no attempt was made to secure the perimeter, the security personnel run away from the blast but none is seen positioning themselves with guns in hand to form a body shield around the VIP area, A real assassination would have put a really powerful explosive and blasted the entire stage. In one sweep the entire leadership would have been wiped out. Why wait to do a weak attempt on the stairs, State media would ordinarily report with caution eg blast at Presidents rally to avoid heightening tension and speculation. However in this case it rushed to report that this was an assassination attempt and finally many are now questioning the speed at which the President gave and interview and called the blast an act of terrorism.

At this point there is very little evidence to signify who was behind the blast but it will undoubtedly serve to divide the country ahead of the July elections where the chances of a free and fair poll are becoming increasingly unlikely.

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