Minister For Mines Refuses To Resign


Minister for Mines Richard Musukwa has said he will not resign his position over the Black Mountain disaster which claimed 10 lives yesterday.

When explaining why he told the audience that mining accidents are common, therefore it was not his fault. He instead blamed the victims, chastising those who ‘invaded’ the mine without following appropriate safety protocols.

He explained that those who died in the Black Mountain disaster were illegal miners who were working scavengers.

“The accident that we are considering, as you know government gave a license to seven companies. The people involved in the accident were scavengers and they entered the mine site illegally,” he said.

In another blow to the victims he went onto say that people should not blow the Black Mountain accident out of proportion because mine accidents happen all the time.

He did disclose that one of the seven companies allowed to operate the Mine, Chapamo Mining Limited has taken up the responsibility of compensating bereaved families because the accident happened within their licensed area.

Although his hand didn’t directly cause the accident what the Minister fails to realise is that the accident signifies far greater problems within the country. If these men were indeed illegally mining, they would be doing so because of unemployment and high costs of living. Zambia is facing an employment crisis that is leading men and women to find incomes in more precious and often life threatening or illegal activities. The PF fail  to recognise this.

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