Mulenga Sata and Miles Sampa's Bid For PF Mayoral Candidacy Causes Rift In PF


Founding members of the PF have made their disagreement with Miles Sampa and Mulenga being brought back to the fold known, as divisions continue to plague the ruling party.


Founding member Mbanga Chileshe has said that it is disgraceful and immoral for Sata and Sampa to seek election as mayor under the PF banner. Mr Chileshe has called upon the Patriotic Front party structures to adopt Lusaka City Market manager Mwenya Matafwali.


Mr Chileshe told the Daily Nation in an interview that it was too early for the duo to seek the position of mayor after they ditched the party and worked against it in the last general election.


“Even if their father was the founder of the PF it does not give the cousins the right to leave the party and come back at will, this is a political party which obviously has many loyal members who equally deserve the right to be in these positions,” he said.


Mr Chileshe continued that there was nothing wrong with them returning to the PF but it was immoral to return to the party with only the intention to get positions of influence.

Mr Chileshe said the duo had held several top positions under the Patriotic Front and it was unacceptable for them to be given priority in adoption, at the expense of members who had always been loyal to the party.

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