UNZA Offering Witchcraft Courses


In a bizarre turn of event the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has given UNZA US$340,000 to establish a degree programme on witchcraft. The course will be formally known as Intangible Cultural Heritage and will take in 20 students.

Although seemingly at odds with further education, the Zambian National Commission for UNESCO has explained that ‘Intangible Heritage’ comprises of practices including Witchcraft, Social Behaviour i.e. music, Traditional Knowledge, Instruments, Artefacts and Rituals.

UNESCO Secretary General Dr Charles Ndakala has said that this is part of a wider attempt to safeguard our cultural heritage, which in neighbouring countries we have seen lost to violence, civil wars or political regimes. His defence of witchcraft seems to have been accepted a lot more readily than that which Professor Nkandu Luo gave last year when she proposed It should be taught as a science.

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