Zimbabwe's Deputy Minister Tells Opposition They Will Never Win Power


Zimbabwe’s government distanced itself on Wednesday from a deputy minister who said the army wouldn’t allow the opposition to rule if it wins an election this year.

The comments by Deputy Minister of Finance Terence Mukupe - which echoed warnings that the military often made under former president Robert Mugabe - provoked outrage on social media.

Zimbabwe is currently set to hold elections between July 21st and August 22nd. Following the army removal of dictator Robert Mugabe, Emerson Mnangagwa tookover power and although he has spent most of his time since buttering up international leaders and applying for re-entry to the commonwealth, serious questions remain over his commitment to democracy.

During Mugabe’s nearly four decades in power, the army frequently said it would not allow the opposition to take power and military commanders openly supported ZANU-PF.

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