Majority of ZCID Members Want The Commonwealth To Oversee Process

Amid continued controversy over who will host it, the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue held a vote on the dialogue process. Whilst speaking to journalists Hakainde Hichilema claimed that delegates who attended the ZCID meeting last week all votes on their preferred host and the majority voted for the Commonwealth to lead the process.

The UPND have been boycotting ZCID meetings due to doubts over its capacity to handle the serious issues raised, Hakainde and other opponents have argued that unless the Commonwealth run the process it is merely a PF run entity by another name.  

The opposition leader continued:

“I am sure you are aware that delegates were asked to vote either in favour of Commonwealth and others in favour of ZCID. Those in favour of Commonwealth won but we were not present, you see. Why can’t they announce those resolutions? We understand that there were 47 votes [for Commonwealth process] and 30 votes [again]. ZCID lost amongst the same people they thought they had as friends because people want seriousness in our country. They want a serious dialogue process, which will result in remedial measures being taken,” Hichilema said. “Number one; the rule of law, number two restore human rights, liberties and freedom; number three stop political violence…We want the release of political prisoners, if you like, absolutely [free] criminal justice system which must treat everybody innocent until proven guilty or otherwise. That is what we want, that is what you want and that is what every citizen wants.”

He said his party was committed to talks that would protect the constitution

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