SADC Warns Of Impending Chaos In DRC

A Congolese security expert Yav Tshimbind has cautioned the regional SADC community of a potentially serious humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the hope for the country’s election fades.

Tshmbind says in an interview that incumbent President Joseph Kabila, constitutionally barred from seeking another mandate, is not ready to leave office and will do anything to stay on.

As a result, according to Tshmbind, President Kabila has developed various strategies to stay in power which includes disregarding any meaningful road-map agreed with the regional SADC.

“Kabila has no respect for SADC. He’s lying to them that he’ll hold elections this year. He has no such intentions,” Tshmbind says.

The expert states that President Kabila was being economical with the truth by submitting to SADC that everything in Congo was under control.

“He has been telling people that he will appoint Felix Tshisekedi as his Prime Minister.

“Felix has refused because he doesn’t want to be part of an illegal and brutal regime,” he says.

Tshmbind says SADC and the Great Lakes region will have no one but themselves to blame if a fully fledged war breaks out in the DRC.

“Instability, rape, killings, corruption and total chaos are the order of the day and these will only increase if Kabila doesn’t leave office. The international community should intervene,” he cautioned.

The DRC is beset with civil unrest which experts state may degenerate if Pres. Kabila extends his stay beyond December.

President Kabila’s two term constitutional mandate expired in December 2016 but the government has prolonged his stay in office twice without holding elections claiming logistical challenges.

The Congolese are growing impatient with President Kabila’s stay in power and have since January 2017 clashed with security forces in protests over the situation.

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