Pilato Arrested AGAIN


Popular Zambian musician and activist Fumba Chama - whose anti-corruption song Rat in the Pot got him into trouble - has been arrested after he returned from self-imposed exile in South Africa.

Back in February Pilato told us:

'I wish we could create an environment that promotes free expressions. It must be understood that the essence of Freedom of Expression is to have people speak out their thoughts and ideas because it is through such an exercise that those in power can have access to the minds of those they govern. Free expression also allows for ideas to move from one mind to the other so any attempt to halt or infringe on this important freedom is a serious assault on national development. I have not gone for good, i will be back.'

He continued:

'Politicians don't make nations great, its people that do that. I choose to speak out and challenge the government because i know that we deserve better as a people. '

His arrest at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in the capital Lusaka, has been condemned by rights group Amnesty International as a "shocking affront to justice".

“Pilato [as the musician is known to his fans] is not a criminal. He is an activist and artist. He should not spend a single night in jail. He must be released immediately and unconditionally,” it added in a statement.

Chama fled to South Africa in January after receiving death threats over his song, Koswe Mumpoto (Rat in the Pot), which was interpreted as being critical of President Edgar Lungu and his ministers.

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