UPND Leadership Continue To Build Civil Relations With PF Counterparts


Following the meeting between Sunday Chanda and Stephen Katuka late last week, the UPND have continued to demonstrate their commitment to civil relations with their PF counterparts. This time it was UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Minister for Justice Given Lubinda who shook hands and discussed common goals.

UPND leader Hichilema had this to say about the occasion;


With our party vice president Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, we held a roadside meeting with Hon. Given Lubinda, the Minister of Justice.

We stressed the need for dialogue and that we remain committed to the process and agreed that it is led by the Church and not those with partisan interests.

In that short meeting, we told our colleague that violence was relentlessly visited upon innocent victims but as leaders we can stop this if only we can commit to reforms.

This country does not belong to Hakainde, GBM or indeed anyone abusing State powers and as such it is vital that we come together and talk but under the umbrella of the Church.

The Church has a long history of resolving conflicts, therefore, to resolve the impasse of
other parties not interested in the Commonwealth-led dialogue and we having no confidence in the Zambia Center For Interparty Dialogue (ZCID), we must all then agree that the Church leads the way.

Only those without a faith, denomination or religion, will deny that the Church must not lead the way in bringing unity and harmony in our country.

Blessed morning,

Open Zambia