State House Scramble To Explain Lungu's 'Abusing Power' Comments

A video has emerged that shows President Lungu joking with citizens about the fact he is 'abusing power.'

Edgar Lungu on Saturday told passengers on a public passenger bus that he was going to abuse his powers as Head of State just like others before him did.

President Lungu, who took part in a fundraising walk for the Cheshire Homes of Chawama, told passengers that first Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda, who ruled Zambia for 27 years, also ‘abused’ his office.

“Don’t worry I am abusing my power, the powers of the President. Nabobene nga baba President efyo bakalachita,” President Lungu said in apparent reference to his critics who have accused him of abusing his power since his election in 2015 following Michael Sata’s death.

He wondered why some people were complaining about his ‘abuse of power’ when he had only ruled for a few years.

“Ba Kaunda, 27 years efyo balechita finofine tamwaleilishanya, natekako one year mwakalipa,” said President Lungu.

State House have since responded claiming 'irresponsible' media have mis understood what the President meant. 

Mr Chanda said President Lungu was merely reinforcing an apology for inconveniencing mototrists during the event. He said the Head of State made the Statement in a joking manner to emphasise his apology.

“When He was moving from car to car to the other, he made a comment to emphasise the apology he was making at everyturn to every vehicle and every pedestrian he met. He rendered an apology that the motorists had to forgive us for abusing our powers today for a noble cause to raise funds for the underprivaleged.

“Yes, he made the Statement which detractors have chosen to mischaracterise the President” He said.

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