PF Cadres Banish Kalaba Supporters from Keep Zambia Clean Relaunch

This weekend saw the relaunch of Keep Zambia Clean, an initiative that should bring Zambians together to share in the work of creating pride in their local communities and the nation more broadly.

However allegations have surfaced that in some areas PF cadres have used the exercise to discriminate against those suspected of being opposition supporters, seeking to exclude them from participation.

In one incident in Lusaka, a man thought to be a supporter of Harry Kalaba was allegedly hounded by cadres in full view of party officials and government ministers, such as home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo, local government minister Vincent Mwale, Jean Kapata (lands), Prof Nkandu Luo (higher education), Christopher Yaluma (commerce), Dr Chitalu Chilufya (health), Dora Siliya (information and broadcasting), Bownman Lusambo (Lusaka Province) and State House officials.

The Mast quotes the cadres as saying:  “Iwe, naumfwa ati tatulekufwaya kuno kabiye. Finshi ulefwaya kuno. Tatulemifway (you have heard that we don’t want you here. What do you want? We don’t want you), ” and “Cimoneni, twalaku diling’a (look at him, we will deal with you).”

In another incident Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba is reported as praising those chasing away opposition supporters.


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