Infrastructure for Kickbacks – GBM Points to Roads

Following comments from former PF Minister for Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba last week that government projects are often driven as a result of kickbacks to those in positions of power, UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has added his voice to the debate by pointing at the various road projects championed by the PF government as an example.

Linking the financing back to mounting warnings regarding Zambia’s looming debt repayments, the former defence minister stated: “We have no choice but to fulfil the obligations to the debts, the next government, which will surely be that of the UPND, will have to pay. We shall not be happy, but we have to pay. We are certainly coming to power but we have to face the challenges of repaying the loans.”

“We will make a lot of changes to the economy which is now unsustainable under the PF. The consoling thing is that the current team we have in the UPND consists of people who are likely to make changes to the economic order of the country,” he added.


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