State House Employee Slaps Journalist


A suspected State House employee on Saturday slapped one of the journalists and an officer from the Ministry of Works and Supply who had accompanied Ministry of Works and Supply Felix Mutati to impound government vehicles which had no weekend passes but where on the road.

Reacting to the incident, Mr Mutati said he will follow the matter and that the offender will be dealt with as he saw no reason for one to get physical with journalists who were only doing their job.

He said even the President cannot permit such type of behaviour from government employees.

“We had an incident this morning where a person attacked a journalist and also one of the officers from our ministry and its understood that he is from State House. I know that even the president will not permit that type of behaviour, so I have gotten the details of the person and he will be dealt with according to our laws as a nation because we have to begin this journey of correcting wrongs from somewhere.”

Works and Supply Minister Felix Mutati has promised to deal with the culprit saying the path of wasting people’s money should come to an end and to do that government has to start from somewhere.

Darius Choonya, a journalist from CBC Television station was slapped as he was filming those found wanting in the exercise while another journalist Nchimunya from Diamond TV almost had his camera confiscated by the same man.

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