Munali Constituency Ruling Reserved For Judgement


The matter involving Munali Constituency in which losing UPND candidate Doreen Mwamba petitioned the election of PF’s Professor Nkandu Luo has been reserved for judgment.

And the Constitutional Court has asked UPND’s Doreen Mwamba to adduce evidence following her allegations in which she claimed that Prof Luo had sponsored PF cadres following attacks in Mtendere Compound which was the basis for the nullification of the Munali seat.

This is the matter in which Prof. Luo has challenged the nullification of her Munali parliamentary seat victory which came up this morning for oral submissions before the full bench of the Constitutional Court.

And Mrs. Mwamba has accused the Electoral Commission of Zambia of having lamentably failed to uphold the democratic tenets of a free and fair, transparent and accountable election in Munali constituency.

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