Over 1, 000 School Children Share Just 16 Desks


Over 1772 pupils at Racecourse Community School in Kitwe’s Twatasha township are sharing 16 desks.

The school has six classroom blocks.

School head teacher Moses Siwale disclosed the development when district Commissioner Binwell Mpundu visited the facility with the hope of assisting the institution partner with the private sector to improve the current infrastructure.

Siwale was established in 2001 as a Community learning centre, but the government took over its operations when the community failed to take of its operations.

He said with about 12 teachers employed by government, the facility needs an upgrade to give confidence to learners who are as well failing to cope up.

He has appealed to government and the private sector to help the school.

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu was saddened that a school just 16km from the Central Business District was in such a state.

Mpundu assured that he will continue to lobby from the private sector to see how best the state of infrastructure at the school can be upgraded as well as improve the learning standards.

“Government cannot meet all the challenges, so we believe that with the partnership with the private sector, we can get the support and obviously our children could have a decent learning environment.

“In the 21st century we still have facilities like this in an urban set up like Kitwe, no. Kitwe should not have facilities like this one, so the business community should come in,” said Mpundu.

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