Bus Fares Increase


The Bus and Taxi Owners Association have announced an increase in fares following a fuel hike by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

Spokesperson Amis Daudi has disclosed that interprovincial route fares have been increased by 10% while inter mine routes have been increased by K 2.

Daudi said the BTOA effected the countrywide increase on 1st March, 2018 across the country.

“We met with all stakeholders in the transport sector to explain how much the increase in fuel prices has impacted on our business, from there with all stakeholders it was agreed that fares be increased. In Lusaka we have put the prices at K 1,” he said.

Daudi said bus fares have not been increased since 2016 despite adjustments in the prices of fuel prices.

“If you look at the number of times ERB has made adjustments, you will realise that the increase overall from then is about 21% which has come with direct effects on our business,” he explained.

The association has also appealed to the government to address pirating in the transport sector which he says has negatively affected business in the sector.
Daudi said very few people now board buses due to the increase in pirating across the country.

“People now have resorted to hiking and this is affecting our business. The government is looking at this matter with a soft heart but if you check those people who pirate, they don’t pay taxes as expected. So obviously on that score we wish to appeal to government to help us deal with this problem” he added.

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