Voter Education Must Tackle PF Material Campaigns - PAC


The leader of the People’s Alliance for Change Andyford Banda has accused the PF of prioritising campaigning instead of the work of government, such as repairing the economy.

Banda has also proposed that voter education efforts are needed in order to counteract the material nature of the PF’s campaigns.

Speaking to News Diggers Banda said: “The pictures that we have seen of the PF branded bicycles with the face of Edgar Lungu, plus the distribution of [branded] books is a clear indication that the PF want to win the next elections at all cost. The PF wants to use money, power to win the next elections. If we want to play their game, I don’t think we can make it. The best way is to devise other means of educating the voters because clearly the PF have failed.”

Rather than deploying a ‘donchi kubeba’ type strategy, which was used by the PF under former President Sata during the PF’s time in opposition when it faced campaigns vastly better resourced that its own, Banda’s proposal seeks to tackle the heart of the problem: “As PAC what we believe should be done is that we need to engage in civic education with the voters so that money shouldn’t be the idea here. The idea should be the issue of the performance of any government and the key performance indicators of this government, which the PF cannot meet. The PF have not managed to meet those key performance indicators.”

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