PF Cadres Caught Wearing Military Uniforms


The Zambia Police Service has warned political parties, and in particular PF cadres to desist from wearing outfits similar to that of the Military Personnel.

Speaking through a press statement issued to media in Lusaka today, Zambia Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja said he has observed a reoccurring trend where some political party cadres have yet again begun wearing outfits similar to those of the military personnel especially during their respective party activities.

Mr. Kanganja explained that party cadres or any person other than the military personnel are not allowed to wear uniform or anything that resembles the military uniform as doing so is a criminal offence.

He stated that according to the State Security Act CAP 111 Section 6(1)(a) of the Laws of Zambia, any person without lawful authority who uses or has in his possession , imports or manufactures any uniform of the Defense Force or the Police Service or any other official uniform or any dress closely resembling the same as likely to deceive or falsely represent himself to be a person who has been entitled to wear any such uniform, shall be guilty of an offence and liable of conviction to imprisonment for a minimum of fifteen years.

Mr. Kanganja noted that there are pictures of some political party supporters clad in military regalia which are circulating on social media of which he has directed officers to investigate and bring those involved to book.

He said political party leaders at all levels should take a lead in educating their cadres and advise them to desist from engaging in behavior that is contrary to the law.

Mr. Kanganja said any police officer who will find any person wearing such an attire should act by arresting and prosecuting them.

He appealed to all Commissioners of Police through their Officers Commanding Districts and Officers in Charge of Stations in all provinces to ensure that the trend is brought to a halt without any delay.

Mr. Kanganja added that the Service will not sit back and watch lawlessness being perpetrated in the country or allow emergence militia groupings in any part of the country.

The Inspector General of Police has since implored political parties to conduct their activities within the Law.

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