Why am I being followed? asks Kalaba

Democratic Party 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba wondered why police are always following him. He said this after Samfya police officers pursued him in Chifunabuli district on Sunday afternoon. As Kalaba, DP national treasurer Justine Nkonge, Mansa Central Constituency’s Chilyapa ward PF councillor Chewe Ndila, among others, were coming from Kasaba area of Chifunabuli, a mini-bus registration ALH 7250 carrying police officers gave chase.

When Kalaba reached Nshungu area within the district, his convoy stopped – ostensibly for him to hear from the police officers. However, the officers seemed uncompromising on wanting to ‘enforce’ the law and ensure that Kalaba was driven out of Chifunabuli and could therefore not stop. They drove past him and went to fire teargas at a horde of Kalaba’s supporters who had gathered at a strategic roadside place, waiting for him.

By the time Kalaba was reaching Nshungu Primary School, a few metres from the supposed meeting place, his choked supporters had all scampered for safety. Under five minutes, some men, almost wheezing, came to where Kalaba’s convoy had parked and started recounting their teargas ordeal.

Kalaba said he was not in the business of fearing anyone.

“You (Zambia Police) are trailing me and so, I stop so that twishibane (we know each other). But they have sped off! How do you start hunting what you can’t kill? You have to take it easy; we are not here to break the law,” said Kalaba, who is also Bahati PF member of parliament.

“All we want is to ensure that this country remains free for everybody – Zambia is for everybody. If it’s me, I’m not in the business of getting scared of anybody. Why am I being followed? Baletinya abantu (they are intimidating people).”

Nkonge said: “No amount of intimidation should be condoned. We are free in this country.”

Earlier in the day, Kalaba attended mass at Lubwe Parish and later went for another service at St Margaret’s Parish in Kasaba area.

Source: The Mast

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