EL Please Have Mercy - Laura Miti

Social activist Laura Miti has taken to social media to share her thoughts on a new billboard congratulating President Lungu for the constitutional court ruling that he is eligible to contest the 2021 elections.

Sharing a photo of the billboard she writes, “Is it President Lungu himself or someone else responsible for this billboard? Whoever it is, needs to understand that it is ill-advised, but what do I know. This is a man presiding over epidemic level cockroaches and rats at UTH, 100 children to a classroom, mind boggling youth unemployment, millions of dollars, billions of Kwacha meant for services that just walk out of government ministries. On his watch, politicians and their friends have become filthy rich, miraculously. And now we must have expensive billboards to celebrate the fact that he wants to continue in office. Yet more money thrown at the only thing that seems to matter to him - power for power's own sake. There is never a shortage of money for these annoying bill boards but there is none for bursaries, medicine - anything that would make the life of the poor Zambian a little more dignified. Goodness, this President has been campaigning since September 2014, when Sata died. Never ever taken time to knuckle down and work, direct energies to even one of our problems. Awe ba Lungu please have mercy. Think for once about the situation of the ordinary Zambian under you. I have asked before - why exactly do you believe that Zambians should want you to continue in office? Please speak to us, what do you think we want more of?

P. S Please check that billboard for the horrific spelling errors.”

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