I’LL TAKE YOU TO COURT! Mwila threatens Kambwili for saying a small boy sat exams for him

PF secretary general Davies Mwila says he is taking Chishimba Kambwili to court over his remark that he contracted a young man to write an exam for him. Mwila yesterday said Kambwili’s thinking capacity was not up to standard.

“He must go and prove. Yes. If you say something against your friend, you have to prove them in court, so that’s where we are going,” said Mwila in an interview. “His thinking capacity is not up to that standard. So yes, he has to prove that in court.”

But Kambwili said Mwila can go ahead to sue him.

“He should do it like yesterday,” he said.

Kambwili warned Mwila that he would go to jail if he was not careful.

“He should go ahead very soon because I know all the details and let him try to go that route, he’d be bruised, and he will end up in prison,” warned Kambwili.

Last Friday, Mwila challenged Kambwili, if he was man enough, not to appeal the High Court ruling that threw out his challenge on the PF’s decision to expel him from the party and instead proceed to a by-election in Roan Constituency.

Following the ruling, Mwila wrote to Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini asking him to declare the Roan seat vacant.
“…Our people, I am saying we, the Central Committee, expelled Kambwili and he took the matter to court and he lost the court [case]. What that means is that we are going to have an election in Roan, Luanshya. If Kambwili is popular, let’s meet in Roan, in Luanshya. And Kambwili should not turn into a hyena, he should show he is man enough, he should not appeal. We are very much ready for the Roan by-election and I want to inform the nation that tomorrow [today] we will start advertising. All those that want to apply are free to apply and stand in Roan, so come sunshine we are going to win Roan by-election,” said Mwila.

But addressing the media on Saturday, Kambwili said he would not waste his personal money and that of the State to go into an election when he had not been rejected but just to be trapped in Mwila’s folly.

Kambwili wondered who appointed a dull man like Mwila to the position of party secretary general.
He claimed the grade 12 certificate Mwila possesses resulted from exams that he [Mwila] contracted a young boy to write for him.

Kambwili said when he met Mwila in Parliament, he was a holder of a Form Three qualification but that later, he upgraded after engaging a boy to write the GEC exam for him.”

“When you deal with useless people like Mwila, we know the people who arranged it. When we came to Parliament he came as a form three but because balemuseka ati ci Form Three, ayabula akaiche kamulembela (they were mocking him that he is form three, then he got a young boy to write an exam for him.) Get Mwila and put him in a classroom today to rewrite his grade 12 exam nga kuti akwatapo na nine points. So that chap should not even provoke me because I know him very well. Mr Chimbaka knows this, people that organised a small boy to go and write grade 12 on behalf of Mwila and I challenge him today to go back and write GCE, umwine akaye mu classroom nga akakwatapo…Mwila kuti akwata distinction muli [he should go intop the classroom by himself, you see if he will get…can Mwila get a distinction in] English? Elo elembulwile akwete [when he re-sat, he got] distinction…so let Mwila not expose his ignorance about these matters,” he said.

“Let us go to court and let the matter be heard on merit. They bring their witnesses and I also bring my 25 witnesses. For them to celebrate that Kambwili should be man enough, it’s Mwila who should be man enough. Me I have been man enough to win three elections…Mwila lost, he lost like a pig so….abantu bamo teti ubachite na understand, Mwila eungalaiminina ati (challenging me to) prove if you are popular? If he failed to prove himself that he is popular, nabamubikile bu (even those who made him) secretary general, I think there is something wrong with their brains because chilya chikopo (that one is dull). I will not drop my case to prove whether I am popular or not. For me it’s a matter of principle that I won those elections, the people of Roan have not rejected me and I have no time to waste my personal money to go on unnecessary election just to prove to the people that I am popular. I also do not want taxpayers’ money to be wasted on nothing because of Mwila and Lungu.”

Source: The Mast

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