PF Southern Province Structures Want Minister Fired

Statement as follows:

The ruling PF Southern Province Executive Committee has resolved that Provincial Minister, Dr. Edify Hamukale and his Permanent Secretary Liomba be relieved of their duties for bringing the name of the Party and Republican President His Excellency President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu in to ridicule and disrepute.

The committee further appealed to the President to appoint people within the structures to lead government in Southern Province for they would understand the suffering of the grassroots.

The Executive Committee made the resolution during a meeting held today Saturday 3rd November, 2018 at SWASCO offices in Choma.

The Committee says the duo should be fired by the appointing authority for working against the party in Southern Province and for destroying the gains achieved and for washing dirty linen in public.

The Committee adds that the continued stay of the duo in office is a minus to the party’s growth as they have been of disservice to its progression as they are only interested in reaping where they did not sow.

The top two Provincial government officials have never supported the party which ushered them in their offices.

Their secret mission has been to ground the party structures and migrate to the opposition UPND were they came from to help their failed leader Hakainde form government in 2041.

The Provincial Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the Provincial Secretary, Brendah Munashabantu who sat in for the Provincial Chairperson who could not do so as he had a family commitment.

Others in attendance were:

1: Brenda Munashabantu

Acting Chairperson/

Provincial Secretary.

2: Musenge Moses

Provincial Tresurer

3: Douglars Nengwa

Provincial V. Treasurer

4: Musokotwane Mutinta

Provincial V. IPS

5: Mbewe Mrs

Provincial Chairlady

6: Bester Haboongo Sila

Provincial W. V. Chairlady

7: Mary Kabwe Mutolwa

Provincial W. Secretary

8: Mrs Miyoba Venny

Provincial W. Treasurer

9: Schorlastic Mbao

Provincial W. V. Treasurer

10: Paddy AONGOLA

Provincial W. IPS

11: Obby Mweemba

Provincial Vice Youth Chairman

12: Mwamba Kenneth

Youth Secretary

13: Elina Daka

Youth Vice Secretary

14: Silungwe Paul

Youth IPS

15: Ethel Moono

Youth Vice Treasurer

16: Joe Pasi

Provincial Security

Issued by:

Trymore Mwenda

Pf Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary.

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