Leave Prime TV Alone, UPND Tells Police

UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson, Grace Chivube has called on the Police Service to “leave Prime TV alone” and instead concentrate on arresting criminals.

“We as UPND women wish to find out the intent of the police to issue a search warrant to Prime TV and demand for footage bordering on two UPND MPs allegedly defaming Lungu and another one demanding for footage of UPND youths allegedly accusing them of accusing the police.

Ms Chivube said it was disheartening that the Government has resorted to harassing, gagging, intimidating and assaulting the press.

“How do you police decide to threaten Prime TV with closure when it is the only platform that ordinary and marginalized Zambians use to air their grievances. It is the only platform on which people go to complain about the rampant injustices in the country and it reports things as they are compared to ZNBC whose theme for now is PF.

She said now that the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) was a mouthpiece of the Government, after the closure of the Post Newspapers, it had become difficult for divergent views to be heard but thanks to Prime, Muvi, Mast and Diggers.

She also thanked the people of Petauke, Eastern province for electing a UPND Councillor.

“We are so thankful to you the people of Petauke for voting for progress through electing a United Party for National Development councillor. This is another sign that Zambia is one nation. Thank you for voting for a party led by a farmer, Mr Hichilema who understands your struggles as a farmers. The decision that you have made is a right decision,” she said.

“You, people of Petauke, hold on to your Councillor and protect him from being bought by the Patriotic Front (PF). Don’t listen to Dora Siliya because she is a member of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD)”.

She also accused Siliya of bringing confusion in the PF which she castigated at the time of late Michael Sata as President.

Ms Chivube has also called on Dora Siliya to resign following the failure by police to arrest HH over the alleged sale of ZAFFICO when he appeared for interrogation at Ndola Central Police on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

“Dora Siliya, you should resign! You told the people that if HH is not jailed over the ZAFFICO issue you would resign. You, Dora, insulted late Sata but they never resigned. And now that HH wasn’t jailed, you can resign now as you said!”

She, however challenged Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Dora Siliya, who earlier threatened to resign if HH is arrested to do so now that HH is a free man.

Source: Lusaka Times

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