Nakachinda has not Defected to PF - Mtolo

MMD vice-president Reuben Mtolo says Raphael Nakacinda will still remain the national secretary for the MMD despite his nomination to parliament by President Edgar Lungu.

Briefing journalists at Pine View Guest House, Mtolo said Nakacinda has not defected from the MMD to the PF.

“He is still MMD and he goes to parliament as an MMD member of parliament, I would like that to be very very clear because a lot of people are misunderstanding and thinking that our national secretary has defected and has joined the PF no, that is not the case,” he said.

Mtolo said the PF/MMD alliance is genuine and was still good.

He said he was aware that there were both PF and MMD members who were against the alliance.

Mtolo said there were some extremists in both parties that do not want to hear the other name or the alliance.

He said people cannot dwell much on the negativity in an alliance or relationship.

“So we prefer to be on the positive side, for us when president Mutati was picked to be Finance Minister for this country we were happy as MMD because we knew that through him we will get our message to the President,” Mtolo said.

He said Zambians should look at the country first and not the party first.

On the PF/MMD relationship between 2015 and 2018, Mtolo said the relationship was very good.

“I would say that for those who understand the vision of the PF, for those who understand the thinking of President Lungu we are in absolutely genuine relationship but for those who don’t appreciate the vision and don’t understand the thinking of President Lungu we are not in good standing with them. Here in the province probably things are far much better than in other areas because the chairperson of PF Mr

Andrew Lubusha and our chairperson and our members are in talking terms,” he said.

Source: Zambia Reports

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