There will be a 2022 - Laura Miti

Activist Laura Miti earlier this week reminded Zambians that there will be a 2022. Writing on her Facebook page she explained:

“The EL Administration has 100% of its focus on 2021. All they want is to still be in office in September 2021 - or at least that is how they come across. So desperate is that need that they seem willing to critically injure the country to ensure a win. PF cadres will be allowed to be lawless, grab land, be violent. The President avoids speaking to the nation on difficult issues. He seems to think if he hides, he can avoid responsibility for so much that is going wrong. Borrowing is done at unsustainable levels - kaili 2021.The only people who are fired by the President are those who suggest they might be interested in the presidency come 2021. (Kabanshi does not count. The President's hand was clearly forced there).

I suppose we cannot prevent the power-holders from focusing on survival. The rest of us, though, need to remember that there will be a 2022. If we allow politicians to do whatever they need to, to win an election, some of the damage done to the country will be extremely difficult to redress. I have chosen to not say impossible.”

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