Roan By-Election Looms

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili may be wiggled into a by-election he has tried hard to dodge with the Lusaka High Court throwing out his application for a stay of execution pending appeal.

The Lusaka High Court upheld Kambwili’s expulsion from the PF therefore losing his seat.

Kambwili has taken his matter to the Appeals Court but could see the by-election go on with the Appeal still ongoing.

High court Judge Maria Kawimbe dismissed Kambwili’s application on grounds that it amounts to want of prosecution.

Kambwili appealed to the Court of Appeal after the Lusaka High Court recently dismissed the case where he was challenging his expulsion from the PF. 

He asked the Lusaka High Court to stay its judgment pending his appeal to the Appeals Court. 

But Judge Kawimbe observed that Kambwili’s application, had not met the criteria to stay the High Court’s Judgment pending the outcome of his appeal.

She added that it was unlikely that the appeal will succeed.

However, Kambwili had argued that if the stay was not granted, his appeal would be rendered to be an academic exercise.

This is because the Speaker of the National Assembly will move to declare his parliamentary seat vacant much to his disadvantage hence the need to be given a stay.

Source: Zambia Reports

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