Climate change envoy blames corruption for deforestation

Climate Change ambassador Linda Jere has tied deforestation to corruption. In a statement after witnessing the launch of Plant a Million Zambia project at Katopola Farm Institute in Chipata last Thursday, Jere said some leaders with corrupt minds were involved in the deforestation.

“While good leaders are fighting corruption, I see deforestation tied by corruption. Even now there are people busy cutting down the Mukula tree for Chinese nationals without strong policy for them to plant five more trees for every tree they cut down,” she stated. “If most people in leadership will have our P.S. [permanent secretary] heart, here in the Eastern province (Chanda Kasolo), then we can see things moving especially on deforestation and exploitation of our own natural resources.”

Jere appealed to Zambians to plant trees.

“We are all tired of poverty. Laws are there but it’s high time corruption stopped fertilising deforestation,” she stated. “Let us all remember that no country can develop as their natural resources are being exported in raw form and manufactured outside.”

Jere urged Zambians to do something to avoid climate change.

“Truthfully, the animal called climate change is here and we have to get involved, together, in doing something every day to reverse the carbon emissions in our atmosphere,” she stated.

“Two days ago Director of Plant a Million trees Emmanuel Chibesakunda donated 5,000 seeds to Katopola Farm Institute, a gesture that touched most of us who have passion on planting of trees and seeing them grow.”

Jere stated that the launch of Plant a Million Zambia was very touching.

“The moment was very touching as the Katopola Farm Institute area looked empty with huge bare-forsaken dry land and tilled soil all over in lines…in that very moment we want to plant our seeds the rains started. Rains in October! Wherever it came from we were happy it fell on this new seed,” she stated.

“As a Climate Action Ambassador, I will be checking on the trees time to time. The young man Mr Emmanuel Chibesakunda showed us how his grieving spirit could not just stand and look! But do something! Taking Action Now! Is what Mr Chibesakunda emphasized to every Zambian. We have one home! Planet earth! Do something positive every day for our beloved planet earth. For future generations.” 

Jere urged farmers in the province to work with Zambia Integrated Forest Landscape Programme to alleviate poverty through among other programmes, smart agriculture.

Source: The Mast

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