Discrimination based on tribe and ethnic background has no place in Zambia-KK

First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has observed that discrimination based on tribe and ethnic background has no place in Zambia.

Dr. Kaunda said that family names should not determine who to associate with, but rather the character of the hearts of each one of every Zambian.

Speaking at a vision ambassadors promoting peace campaign fundraising dinner, Dr. Kaunda said that discrimination, suspicion, hatred, betrayal, malice, greed, selfishness, and other negative behavior are a threat to the core values of unity if left unchecked.

He has recalled that during the struggle for independence, people from various backgrounds worked together, realizing that they were, above everything else, brothers and sisters of one nation.

Dr. Kaunda said that the “One Zambia One Nation” slogan coined many decades ago still holds true and continues to unite Zambian’s together as one, adding that Zambia remains a beacon of peace in Africa and that it is important that all Zambian citizens should maintain peace and love one another.

Meanwhile Dr. Kaunda has reminded young people in the country that they have a big role to play in weaving together the fabrics of peace and unity for this country and has commended President Edgar Lungu for his efforts in uniting the various people in the country.

And speaking at the same event, National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili said that national unity and peace is critical for the development of the country.

Rev. Sumaili said that it is difficult for Zambia to develop if there is no unity among Zambians.

And earlier in his speech, Vision Ambassador to Zambia Chairperson Misheck Kombe expressed concern that regionalism and tribalism is tearing Zambia apart.

Mr. Kombe says it is important for each and every Zambian to join the crusade against tribalism and regionalism because it retards development.

Source: Lusaka Times

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