Grade 9’s underperform in maths with 16.37% pass rate

The number of candidates that have obtained Grade 12 General Certificates of Education in the 2018 external examinations has increased by 10.77% to 94% from 83.23% last year.

And a total of 35, 688 candidates out of the 57,620 candidates who sat for the grade 9 external examinations have passed representing 62%.

General Education Minister David Mabumba who announced the results at a media briefing this morning said a total of 552 cases of examination malpractices were reported in the 2018 GCE examination.

Mr. Mabumba said the highest performance at Grade 9 level was recorded in Design and Technology with a mean score of 85.97% followed by Home Economics at 69.03% and French Language at 49.60% while the lowest performance was recorded in Mathematics at 16.37% followed by English at 20.87% and Religious Education at 21. 93%.

He added that overall, the performance by subject for the Grade 9 external examinations was relatively similar to 2017 with notable difference observed in Design and Technology Art, Home Economics and Art and Design.

Mr. Mabumba explained that the national absenteeism rate for grade 9 external examinations reduced to 5.72% from 11.83% in 2017 while 6.58% was recorded in the grade 12 GCE examinations from 7.68% recorded in 2017.

A total of 61, 116 entered the 2018 Grade 9 external examinations.

And Mr. Mabumba explained that the best performance for the GCE results was observed in Practical subjects with an overall pass rate of 94.47% and was followed by Zambian Language with a pass rate of 93.22%

He said Social Sciences and Business Studies ranked third with a pass rate of 85.98% while English Language and Literature were least with a pass rate of 81.84%.

Source: Lusaka Times

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