UPND and NDC Will Not Take Part in National Dialogue

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The controversy over the National Dialogue organised by ZCID continues. Both the UPND and NDC opposition parties have stated that they will have nothing to do with the national dialogue.


UPND Spokesperson Stephen Katuka has said that the UPND is only committed to genuine dialogue and that is being facilitated by the Church Mother Bodies.


‘We wish to state that we have nothing to do with the national dialogue being spearheaded by the Zambia Centre for Inter-party dialogue (ZCID),’ Mr Katuka said.


Mr Katuka stated that the ZCID has a conflict of interest and has no capacity to lead the process as they are both player and referee.


Indeed, ZCID is sponsored by the PF and as a result the UPND do not feel they should entertain what is mostly window dressing and a PR stunt.


“We must reiterate that the UPND shall never be available for the national dialogue without the three Church Mother Bodies. Zambians should now see the PF hypocrisy with their so-called National Day of Prayer, which they have continued to advance after rejecting the church. Let Lungu and his PF have respect for the church”, said Mr Katuka.

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