“The PF is full of shameless criminals” says UPND Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba


In an interview with the Zambian Portal, UPND VP Geoffrey Bwalaya Mwamba has openly discussed the well established corruption present in the PF government.

GBM began by saying, “I think we are fed up with the PF. Zambian’s are fed up. I am saying this on behalf of many Zambians who are voiceless.” 

Carrying on, GBM outlined that the corruption of the PF effects all Zambians. He revealed that, “These people have stolen so much money from we Zambians. I am not talking as a Vice President of UPND. I pay tax, in one way or the other. If I buy a small car, it’s taxable and that’s the money that’s going into government coiffures and that’s the money they are stealing.” 

Mwamba extended this revelation by outlining that all products have a component of tax that goes into government coiffures. He highlighted that it is this component of tax on everyday goods that is being stolen by PF officials.

The VP finished by stating that, “These are shameless criminals, stealing money from the poor. How can that be? The real perpetrators of criminality of this country are not being fired.”


You can watch the full interview at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih47YAKbz98 

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