Prof Lumumba to write to AU over his Zambia deportation

Kenyan Lawyer Professor Patrick Lumumba has revealed that he will be writing to the African Union to protest over his deportation from Zambia.

Prof Lumumba was turned away on Saturday at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport when he arrived to deliver a public lecture on China-Africa relations at Eden University.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya later confirmed that Prof. Lumumba was turned away because he was a security risk.

In an interview from Nairobi, Prof Lumumba said he will officially write to the AU this week to protest his deportation.

He said it is displeasing that Zambia, a member of the AU which is advocating for free movement of the people could go against the continental spirit.

Prof. Lumumba also described the statement Ms. Siliya that he posed a security risk as an act of stupidity.

“How do I become a security risk? I only carry ideas. I don’t move with guns. That’s an act of stupidity,” Prof. Lumumba charged.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says the deportation of Prof. Lumumba is unnecessary shame to the country

“We have studied and fully investigated the issue surrounding the deportation of a highly respected academician and Pan Africanist Prof. PLO Lumumba,” Mr Hichilema said.

“We find the action by the PF leadership to humiliate him in such manner at the airport highly irresponsible, harsh, and goes further to confirm what we have been saying that this Government is led by despots.”

“It is such high profile deportations of our citizens of the world that is denting the image of our country on the international scene, hence shooting ourselves in the foot.”

Mr Hichilema said, “From what we understand, Prof. Lumumba has been giving intellectual discourse in many parts of the world, the recent being in Zimbabwe at an event which we understand even cabinet ministers attended.”

He continued, “So what security risk does Prof. Lumumba pose to Zambia as being claimed by the despotic PF regime. To us, the people who pose security risks are the foreigners who are grabbing our land, grabbing our state assets at the expense of Zambians.”

“Zambia is a global citizen, one would expect that they would treat all nationals from other countries with a level respect and decorum. This is for purposes of good diplomatic relations and security for our citizens who are residents in those countries.”

Mr Hichilema stressed, “As UPND, we value fundamental freedoms of speech, conscious, associations and other liberties as enshrined in the local and international conventions for which we are signatories. Thus PF regime is causing unnecessary shame to the whole world.”

Source: Lusaka Times

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