Kambwili Seeks Forgiveness

National Democratic Congress consultant Chishimba Kambwili has asked President Edgar Lungu to forgive him for whatever wrong he has done.

Kambwili has however maintained that President Lungu is a corrupt thief, who should repent.

Addressing the media at his house in Lusaka yesterday, Kambwili further asked for forgiveness from presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe over what he termed as an innocent light joke in Parliament, which led to a brawl.

“Let me be the first one to say to you my brother President Edgar Lungu, if I have wronged you in any way, today is the national day of prayers and reconciliation, I ask for your forgiveness. And I want also to ask all those that I have wronged in one way or the other that let this day reflect as a genuine day of reconciliation and repentance, I would not go before God to ask for repentance. If I do not ask for forgiveness from all the people that I have wronged, if I have wronged you President Edgar Lungu, forgive me, if I have wronged you president HH forgive me, if I have wronged you president Mulongoti forgive me,” he said.

“And let me also appeal to my brother, honourable Sikazwe, who almost turned into a boxer two days ago when I, out of a light moment, said he was supposed to be a witchdoctor in some village, he got very upset, to you my brother, I say from deep down, the bottom of my heart, that I am extremely sorry if I hurt you. I did not mean any malice or impunity but my words were just meant for a light moment in Parliament. To anybody I have wronged, I say sorry and I hope and trust that all of you have forgiven me and I also appeal to other leaders to ask for forgiveness from all the people they have wronged. But to go in the eyes of Christ without saying sorry and reconcile genuinely with the people that you have wronged is hypocricy of the worst kind.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili was unhappy with University Teaching Hospital management for stopping his team from donating to patients at the Cancer Hospital as a way to commemorate the day of prayer.

He accused Dr Lewis Banda, acting together with the government, of blocking his team to extend a humanitarian gesture to patients at the hospital.

Kambwili wondered how the government in one breath would be calling for prayers and reconciliation while in another barring him from doing charity work.

“I want to register our utmost disappointment by the behaviour of Dr Lewis Banda acting on instructions from government to bar us from doing a humanitarian duty at the cancer hospital this morning. We approached the cancer diseases hospital with the view to give some gifts and to go and pray for some patients at the hospital,” said Kambwili.

“Unfortunately, Dr Lewis Banda, who is the medical superintendent acting through instructions from government refused us from doing this humanitarian service on day of national prayer and reconciliation. You can see that his repentance and reconciliation is not genuine.”
He said his party decided that they will not go to the arena of the prayers where “these corrupt people are pretending to be Christ-like”.
Kambwili said Zacchaeus in the bible pledged to return all he obtained from people after he repented before Jesus.
“That is genuine repentance but these people want to repent, pretend they are repenting when the mansions they have built are still theirs, the money they are stealing are still in their accounts, so where is the repentance?” Kambwili said.
And Kambwili said a thief would always be a thief.
“If President Lungu has been stealing like he has been stealing, I don’t withdraw those sentiments and I have no apologies to make, he should repent. I mean, if I have hurt him in anyway where he has not done anything wrong, like I have accused him of something that he has not done, but for stealing, I am very sure he has been stealing and for that I have facts and I am not apologising,” said Kambwili.

“If I have wronged him in any way, which maybe led to my expulsion from PF, if I wronged him, I am asking for forgiveness but for things I know obviously he is doing and I have pronounced, I have no regrets and apologies to make.”

Source: The Mast

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