PF Adopts Godwin Putu for Mangango By-election

The Patriotic Front has unveiled candidates for the November 20 Mangango and Lupososhi by-elections.

In the Mangango parliamentary by-election the PF has adopted Godwin Putu while the Lupososhi council chairperson ticket has been given to Kaputula Kwandangala.

The PF has appointed Paul Moonga as campaign manager who will be assisted by Liambele Walusiku Liambela and former Kaoma lawmaker Austin Liato

In Lupososhi the ruling party has appointed Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile as campaign manager.




13TH OCTOBER, 2018

The Central Committee met this morning to consider adoptions for Mangango Constituency, Lupososhi District and five (05) other Local Government by-elections to be held on 20th November, 2018.

I wish to announce that the Central Committee has made the following adoptions for Mangango and Lupososhi respectively:

  1. Mangango constituency: Godwin Putu

Campaign Manager:      MCC Paul Moonga

Assistant Campaign Managers: Capt. Walusiku Liambela and Hon. Austin Liato.

  1. Lupososhi District: Kaputula Kwandangala Clement J.

Campaign Manager:      Hon. Brian Mundubile, MP

Assistant Campaign Managers: Hon. George K. Mwamba and Mr. Stephen Chanda.

Let me state that, it is the position of the Central Committee that all who had applied to contest Mangango Constituency  and Lupososhi Council Chairperson are expected to remain loyal by understanding that there can only be one candidate at any given time.

We therefore, urge all aspiring candidates to emulate the spirit of the Patriotic Front to regroup and rally behind one candidate.

We are aware that some opposition parties are waiting like vultures to entice those we have not adopted this time around. The Central Committee holds the view that none of those who had applied but not adopted is for hire, these are distinguished men and women and we invite them to come on board and join the campaigns to assure and ensure victory in Mangango and Lupososhi and other Local Government by-elections.

Let us all move together as a team to ensure our victory. Central Committee settled for recommendations from the grossroots because it is about them.

We expect that there will be no violence in Mangango and Lupososhi and the other Local Government by-elections.  All Party members are therefore guided that no one will be protected if they engage themselves in violence. Patriotic Front Party is ready for issue based campaigns. Ours is to sell development.

Lastly, let me reiterate that Central Committee has resolved to enforce maximum discipline within the rank and file of the Party membership.

Davies Mwila


Source: Zambia Reports

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