26 People are recorded to have died in long weekend accidents

A shocking twenty-six people have died in different road accidents that occurred during the Heroes and Unity days long weekend. Zambian Police reported that Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of accidents and deaths at seven.

During the 2019 Heroes and Unity long weekend, 274 road traffic accidents were recorded, of which 23 were fatal with 26 recorded to have died. 26 were serious road traffic accidents in which 53 people were seriously injured. 67 were slight road traffic accidents in which 81 people were slightly injured.

Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of road traffic accidents with 114 counted and 7 deaths recorded. Central Province followed shortly behind with 48 road traffic accidents and 7 deaths recorded. Copperbelt recorded 23 road traffic accidents and 2 deaths. North Western, 20 road traffic accidents and 1 recorded death. Eastern, 18 road traffic accidents with 1 dead. Southern 16 road traffic accidents with 2 deaths recorded.

Although these figures seem alarming, compared with the same period last year the police have said there has been a slight reduction in the number of accidents and deaths. “The reduction in Traffic accidents is attributed to preventative measures put in place by the Zambia Police Service working in collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).

The crime situation was generally peaceful countrywide, due to intensified foot and motorised Police patrols, especially in identified crime spots.

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