Kenyans declare an online war with Zambia after likening Zarika to a man

The historic fight between Kenya’s Fatmah Zarika and Zambia’s Catherine Phiri might have been concluded on Sunday, March 24, but fans from both camps were not done yet.

Zarika managed to retain her World Boxing Council (WBC) super bantamweight title although not everyone was content with her victory.

The sting following the defeat was clearly still haunting Zambians and it was evident from one of their online pages specially dedicated to their public figures. One of the pages, Zambia Celebrities, decided to throw a nasty online punch as it sensationally suggested Phiri stood no chance because she was “fighting with a man”.

It did not take rocket science for Kenyans to read between the lines that Zambia had declared an online war on one of their own and the next plausible action would be to jump to Zarika’s defence. And the gloves were off when it came to Kenyans’ turn to respond to the troll referring to the boxer as male and the comments were as hilarious as they were brutal.

Typically, Kenyans tend to jump on any viral bandwagon and the fact that a Zambian page tried to tackle one of their own online did not sit well with anyone from 254.

Needless to say, some of the clapbacks from Kenyans were not even related to boxing but they were just happy to give Zambians a proper dress down in the hope they would think twice when they consider engaging in online banter. Kenyans especially on Twitter have in the past 'tackled' Nigerians, their next door neighbours Ugandans, gone down south to deal with South Africans and even 'flew overseas' by taking on international media houses caught misrepresenting facts about the country.

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